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Posted: 12/10/2019 | Filed under: Blog, Malaquias' Gardening Tips

We recommend winter pruning on late spring-to-summer blooming deciduous trees for a few reasons; this is only a few weeks before the buds swell and the sap starts flowing, and the cuts will have healed over. Plants such as crape myrtles and roses bloom better on new wood. This winter pruning helps stimulate that process. Trimming the buds on the early spring bloomers like wisteria, lilac, spiraea, or magnolia s. means missing out on a flowering season! Prune those types in late summer or right after blooming. Some general pruning guides lines are: Start with the obvious dead, damaged or diseased limbs. Then go on to the unwanted branches, like overlapping or rubbing ones. Finish with the twigs and suckers, and you should be left with a healthy, well-structured plant.

Another topic is the fruit tree garden; in the winter we strongly recommend spraying liquid copper on fruit trees to prevent fungal diseases that plague them. The diseases most commonly show up as leaf curl in peaches and nectarines, and fire-blight in apples and pears. Also, brown rot, which causes the fruiting flowers to collapse resulting in no fruit! Boo! It’s easier than it sounds, I promise.

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